Free Photocopiers for Schools

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Free Photocopiers for Schools – Do you copy?

Oxley’s are providing free of charge photocopiers to schools and colleges allowing them to make more effective use of their budgets and make photocopying simple and stress free. A free School photocopier from Oxley’s is as easy as A,B,C!

Free Photocopiers for Schools and Colleges

Here’s how it works:

By taking a free photocopier from Oxleys your school or college will not have to outlay the funds to purchase a photocopier and there’s no worry associated with maintenance and repair. Pay for your copies only, with no fixed term contract and no separate leasing costs. A simple, cost effective way to manage photocopying in your school.

We’ll supply you with a photocopier machine from our Konica Minolta range – free of charge! You simply pay for the copies you use on a monthly basis. If it breaks down, call us and we’ll fix it and if we can’t fix it we’ll replace it.

How much does it cost?
There’s no monthly rental, no deposit, no maintenance or repair bills. You don’t even have to pay for toners and consumables. All you pay for is the copies you’ve made and we’re upfront on the costs too :-

Black prints 0.4 pence per copy
Colour prints 3.5 pence per copy

If you’re a school or college based in the West Midlands area and are interested in a free photocopier for your school please get in touch so we can arrange delivery.