Photocopier Maintenance Contracts
Photocopier Repairs

Photocopier Maintenance Contracts

As with any purchase, you want to make sure your investment is correctly maintained to maximise reliability and the life of the product. Oxleys offer photocopier maintenance contracts to provide you with the highest level of cover and after sales care.

Our team of photocopier repair technicians are manufacturer trained and have full support and back up resources to ensure your down time is minimal.

All clients are offered a photocopier service contract at point of sale, so that your only paying for the prints you actually print, we have no fixed volume contracts.

Our “terms and conditions” are in your interest not ours, we believe if your not happy with the service you receive, then you should be able to exit the agreement and not be tied in to a lengthy contract.

All photocopiers supplied by Oxleys use the latest technology and software available and are configured to e-mail immediately to our service centre the minute your device has a fault or requires a consumable. We sometimes have an engineer on route to you before you are aware of a fault yourselves.

Photocopier maintenance contracts charge a small fee for each print or copy you do. The meter reading is automatically emailed to our accounts department once a month, we then generate an invoice once a quarter for your usage, this allows making monthly budgeting easier.

We can also set your device with department codes, allowing individual users or department auditing.